According to Chinese medicine, an imbalance of chi in a particular meridian or organ (zang/fu) can cause physical, mental, and emotional symptoms.

When emotions are held over long periods of time, or when they result from a particularly stressful or traumatic event, they can become causes of illness. Emotions also can result from an imbalanced flow of chi. Thus, emotions can be the cause or the symptom of a disorder.

For example, prolonged anger may damage the energetic sphere of the liver, the organ with which it is associated with. On the other hand, an imbalance in the energetic sphere of the liver may result in your feeling either constant anger or the inability to feel anger. This is because each emotion affects the flow of chi in a different way. When you are angry, the chi rises to the neck and shoulders. When you are fearful, the chi descends to the feet. We experience a sinking feeling when we are afraid. When we are angry, our neck and shoulders tightens.

Acupuncture is an effective therapy for the treatment of anxiety disorders. Acupuncture redirects your chi into a more balanced flow. It provides support to the underlying energetic spheres affected by your anxiety, helping to resolve the cause or effects of your stress.