Each program is designed specifically for the individual patient. The common steps in the program are:

    1. To diagnose what’s going on with your system and how your reproductive energies need to be harmonized.
    2. To change your diet. In the Chinese medical system, certain foods have specific properties-generating heat or dampness. For example, depending on your Chinese medical diagnosis, you may need to choose foods that will help purify your blood, or increase energy flow to your kidneys, or eliminate stagnation in your liver.
    3. To clear your energy meridians.
    4. To increase your chances of conception though the use of herbs, natural energetic substances that gentle correct underlying deficiencies or clear obstructions. Tracy Chen R.TCMP; R.Ac, will individualize each herbal formula based upon patient’s diagnostic pattern. There will be different herbs for various segments of your cycle. Tracy will also give you an herb mix designed to enhance your overall health and well-being.

To help you get started, fill out our questionnaire below before your first visit:

Women’s Fertility History questionnaire (PDF)